YouTube is adding a new member to its Supers family – Super Thanks: What it means for users, creators, and permissions

YouTube has added a new member to its super family – super thank you. The fourth Paid Digital Good Super Thanks is another way for YouTubers to make money while strengthening their relationship with viewers.
What exactly is super thank you
Super Thanks is a new way for YouTube video viewers to express their gratitude and support their favorite creators. It ensures viewers can show their love and support while watching a video – without interrupting their viewing by purchasing Super Thanks. These fans will then see an animated GIF and, as an added bonus, get a clear, colorful comment to highlight their purchase for the creators to respond to. Super Thanks is currently available at four price points between $ 2 and $ 50 (or local currency equivalent).
The feature compliments other ways the platform offers YouTubers to make money on YouTube – from running ads and selling merchandise to channel membership and beyond. Google’s own video platform recently introduced an applause function that fans can use to support their favorite YouTube channels. The other similar functions are Great chat introduced in 2017 and Great sticker in 2019.
YouTube claims that it beta tested the Super Thanks feature last year. It has partnered with developers to test this feature and collect feedback to inform and shape the experience. In fact, psychologically intuitive Nicholas Ashbaugh was able to generate a new source of income during the Super Thanks beta test – one that now represents nearly 15% of his sales – by using this new way to recognize and interact with his most active fans. “Wrote Barbara Macdonald, Product Manager, Paid Digital Goods, YouTube, in a blog post.
Super thanks worldwide availability
The Super Thanks feature is available to YouTubers and viewers in 68 countries on desktop and mobile devices (both Android and Apple iOS platforms). Creators can check if they have Early Access. The company announced that it will expand availability to all eligible YouTubers in the YouTube partner program later this year.
Super Thank You is not available for the following types of videos:
* Age restriction
* Not listed
* Private
* Made for children
* Videos with Content ID claims
* Videos with YouTube donations Fundraisers
* Live streams or premieres during the live stream (available retrospectively on archived VODs)


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