Your Nest Hub is about to get comfortable with information from Google Fit and Fitbit

With Google I/O on the horizon, Google Nest Hub owners who are also into fitness are getting some good news. Viewed by 9to5google, A new support page has surfaced for the Nest Hub that details integration with both Google Fit and Fitbit. It’s just time for that new Pixel Watch that leaked eight ways on Sunday. It doesn’t look like it’s live yet, but you’d expect it’s not too far away.

Currently, if you have a second-generation Nest Hub, you can see sleep stats on the display, but it could potentially offer the same convenience and more for those who prefer wearables or have older models. However, the support page is currently only listed for the second generation model. However, it seems like a very tight integration.

Activity metrics like the number of steps and calories burned with Google Fit or Fitbit can be shown on your Nest display.

The support page details the setup process, which will involve linking Google Fit or Fitbit via the wellness menu in the Google Home app settings. From here you will be able to see steps, calories burned and other activity metrics on the display. If you enable individual results, someone else viewing it will do the same.

This integration with Fitbit, in particular, will be a step up from the already excellent integration with the Amazon Echo, the Google Nest Hub’s main competitor. The Fitbit prowess on the Echo is great, but it doesn’t do anything special with the display on the Echo Show. Likewise, with the new Pixel Watch on the way, you’d expect some elements of a fitness focus. Integrating it into the Nest Hub like this is another piece of the ecosystem puzzle.

Google has a few dedicated sessions coming up at I/O for what’s next with the Google Home, so it seems like a good fit that this and other potential new features could be revealed during the conference. Google I/O takes place on May 11 and 12 and is available online for anyone to attend.

Source: Google

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