You can now share YouTube videos directly to Snapchat

Snapchat is leading Story Features that many social media platforms are copying. App launched as a convenient tool to send expired photos and videos to friends. It then began to evolve to include more features – such as maps, memories collection, and more. The latest addition to this (arguably) dying service makes it a little easier to consume digital goods with friends. Snapchat now allows iOS and Android users to share YouTube videos directly in Snap.

Snapchat has announced in a newsroom post that it is adding YouTube integration to its Creative Kit. It allows users running the latest version of the app to attach YouTube video links directly to their Snaps. This feature works for both Snap Stories and One-on-One Snaps. So now you can attach rich YouTube video links – which other users can tap to view in the YouTube app or website.

To share a YouTube video directly on Snapchat:

  • launch youtube Application.
  • click on share button of the desired video.
  • Choose Snapchat From the list of available apps.
  • It will add a rich link to the Snapchat camera, so you can take, edit, take photos or videos, including this adjustable preview/sticker.

This new feature is very welcome, as it makes it easier to react to a certain YouTube video via the Snapchat camera integration. Plus, users can now know what’s in a video before clicking it, thanks to the included thumbnails of the new YouTube stickers. It is available for all iPhone and Android phone users on the latest version of the app. If you’ve already updated Snapchat and it still doesn’t show up, try force quitting the app or reinstalling it.

Do you still use Snapchat actively? If yes, for what? Let us know in the comments section below.

Source: snapchat newsroom

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