Wristcam makes video calls on your Apple Watch a reality

If you have a wristcam, you’ll be happy to know that you can now make video calls from your Apple Watch. Unfortunately, this operation is not performed using FaceTime. Instead, you’ll have to rely on the Wristcam app, which means both parties need to have the app installed to make video calls. To gain access to the new feature, users must first visit the WristCam website to request “early access”. You will need to fill in your name and email address. Although it’s not the most intuitive, the company states on its About page that it’s currently working with various developers to add better support and compatibility.

For those unfamiliar with the accessory, the Wristcam is an Apple Watch band that was launched last year. It gave Apple Watch users the ability to take photos and videos. The product was developed by an ex-Apple engineer. The company’s mission statement is “focused on making camera-powered software experiences faster and more accessible than ever”. The wristcam has an 8MP primary camera for taking pictures and 1080p videos of your surroundings and uses 2MP for selfies.

You can activate the camera through the app or by pressing the device’s physical button. A single press will take a photo and a long press will start taking a video. There’s 8GB of onboard storage that can hold over an hour of videos or thousands of photos. The Wristcam requires power and can be charged with the included magnetic charging cable. A full charge should last a whole day. The product comes in three colors and is available in six sizes, ranging from 38mm to 45mm. It can be purchased through the company’s website starting at $299.

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