Windows 11 users experience this problem after upgrading their PCs


Microsoft began to roll out Windows 11 on October 5th and users have started reporting bugs in the new operating system. According to a Reddit thread, the update is suffering from memory leak issues caused by a bug in File Explorer. When the computer allocates too much RAM to a program and then does not release the unused cache memory, this is known as a memory leak. The bug was first discovered two months ago by Reddit user Gyrohan269 in a beta version of. discovered window 11. Now this post is slowly attracting attention as other users who face similar problems after installing the new operating system share their experiences.
“Whenever you open and close Windows Explorer, the RAM used is increased by a few MB without it decreasing when you close it. For example: when I turn on my PC, Windows Explorer uses 60MB, and then when I open a random folder it reaches 80, and when I close the same window it only goes down to 70MB, not 60, close a folder multiple times, it reaches 1 GB !! ” Gyrohan269 wrote in a Reddit post.
Depending on the user, the RAM allocation will continue to increase until you restart File Explorer with Task Manager or restart the computer altogether. If you want to check the RAM allocation to the programs you are using, you can go to the Task Manager. Although the bug has been reported in the Microsoft Feedback Hub, the company has not yet confirmed the problem.
Windows 11 is a successor to Windows 10, which was introduced in 2015 and is based on the same platform. To check if you got the update, go to Settings> Windows Update. If your device has not yet received the update, you can still install it from the Windows 11 software download page.


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