Whirlpool is bringing a W-series 4-door refrigerator in India starting at Rs 1.67,600. on the market

Whirlpool India launched the W-series of premium 4-door refrigerators on Tuesday with a starting price of Rs 1,67,600. It comes with a 665 liter storage space and a Quattro (4-door) format that requires a lot of space for cooling. This new refrigerator is equipped with adaptive intelligence and triple cooling technology, which ensures optimal cooling and long-lasting freshness.
The refrigerator also offers unique features such as – pull-out shelves, easily accessible trays and double crispers for fruits and vegetables. It also has 6-in-1 convertible modes, a door-in-door function with an ice and water dispenser, paired with an intuitive display, a unique metal interior and a special lighting system. Whirlpool’s W series also receives the globally recognized “IF Design Award” for 2021.
Advanced refrigeration technologies
The advanced refrigeration technology detects, adapts and controls improved food preservation with a range of intelligent sensors and intuitive functions that create the optimal environment for food and provide long-lasting freshness. Here are some of the technologies found in the newly introduced Whirlpool refrigerator.
Adaptive Intelligence Technology: It detects temperature and humidity fluctuations and restores the ideal values ​​for optimal preservation of food.
Triple cooling system: Three independent cooling systems in the three compartments (refrigerator, freezer and convertible space) ensure that the temperature and humidity are tailored to the needs of the individual in order to prevent odors from mixing and to keep the food fresher for longer.
Ozonizer: An ozone heater is able to reduce odors and prevent bacteria from multiplying in the cooking space, thereby improving the hygiene and freshness of the food in the refrigerator.
Fast freezing: It has a smart button to speed up the freezing process to freeze food faster and preserve its nutritional value.

Here are some of the design features that are included in the Whirlpool W Refrigerator series 4 doors. These features are designed to make food storage easy and seamless.
Door-in-door: It helps with easy one-click access to drinks and snacks without opening it
the main door, which limits the loss of cold air.
Water and ice dispenser: It only takes one click to access the ice bucket and almost come
1.5 kg of ice cubes per day or crushed ice as desired. The indoor ice maker claims to be space efficient, has a compact design and offers more space in the refrigerator.
Advertisement: It claims to have an HD pen-and-touch user interface that allows for quick and effortless interaction with the refrigerator. It also has built-in handles for easy access to the interior.
Most of the models have a platinum interior, but the Black Fire model has a dark metal finish. It also has a lighting system that turns on gently when the door is opened.
Convertible Space: It is designed to allow users to create the perfect environment for any type of food, from hard-frozen food to ice cream or from fish to wine, depending on the requirement. It has 6 preset temperatures from -22 degrees Celsius to 10 degrees Celsius as a solution for everything.


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