WhatsApp rival Signal about Pegasus espionage: Does the Indian government therefore want to “weaken encryption”

WhatsApp rival signal hit the Indian government by saying that the recent snooping attempts were an interesting coincidence with the government’s new IT guidelines on “weakening encryption” in private chat platforms.
Citing the great revelation about the use of Israeli residents NSO group‘s Pegasus Spyware used to spy on journalists, political opponents and activists of The Washington Post and 16 media partners tweeted the privacy-focused messaging app from its official handle: “Looks like the Indian government has secretly tried to monitor political opposition parties, journalists, activists, clerics and unions. Interesting coincidence that they have recently been campaigning for laws to weaken encryption! ”

Tracking the news source: Whatsapp against Indian government
WhatsApp owned by Facebook fights against the Indian government’s new “guidelines for intermediaries” Rules of the Code of Ethics for Digital Media 2021“, Which reveals the origin of certain messages exchanged on their platform through end-to-end encrypted chat platforms such as WhatsApp.
According to WhatsApp, disclosing the source of encrypted chats or using traceability violates the user’s fundamental right to privacy. WhatsApp claims that to allow “traceability” they will break end-to-end encryption – which is the main USP. Encryption provides privacy to users, but when governments are able to read messages and see who sent which message to which users, there is no longer any privacy on the platform.
On the other hand, according to the government, it is not interested in reading personal chats from users, but the prerequisite for tracing the origin of WhatsApp messages is the prevention, investigation or punishment of very serious offenses related to “sovereignty and Integrity of India ”. “. The government said the new IT rules are in the public interest and WhatsApp is shirking responsibility by refusing to obey them.
New IT rules apply to Signal, telegram and also other encrypted chat platforms
Shortly after WhatsApp announced its controversial new privacy policy, many WhatsApp users in India switched to the Signal messaging app or Telegram for fear of data breaches. Both Signal and Telegram have seen a large influx of users in India. However, if WhatsApp is forced to follow the new IT rules, competitors like Signal, Telegram and others will have to adhere to them too.
The new IT rules do not only apply to WhatsApp. It applies to all major social media platforms. Platforms with 50 lakh registered users are considered “major social media intermediaries” in India. “It is important to note that the rule of identifying the first originator of information is mandatory for every major social media intermediary, regardless of how they work,” a government statement said in May 2021.


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