WhatsApp for iOS is said to have the ability to pause voice recordings


Rumors about Whatsapp The ability to pause and restart voice recording has been around on the Internet for over a month. The feature has not appeared anywhere to this day.
A well-known tipster WABetaInfo now reports that the selection function is being rolled out WhatsApp beta Users on iOS with the latest version of WhatsApp Beta.
According to the report, WhatsApp pause voice recording feature will be introduced for iOS beta. Some users also report about the feature with beta version
As already mentioned, the function is currently being rolled out for selected WhatsApp beta testers on iOS. The feature is expected to be introduced in the final version of the app soon. The Android version of the app will also receive the same function at a later date.
How does the new pause function for voice recording work?
According to the report from WABetaInfo, the feature will also add a visual change to the voice recording option. If you see an audio waveform while recording the audio messages, most likely the beta version of the app has the pause feature as well.
All you have to do is start a voice recording and look for the pause button. Tapping on it will pause the recording. The tipster also mentioned that voice recording can continue if someone paused it. The only thing currently unknown is how long the voice recording can be paused or whether it is in the pause state, even if someone navigates to another chat window.
Answers to these questions will be available once WhatsApp makes this feature permanent.


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