WhatsApp announces six new voice messaging features

WhatsApp added the ability to send voice notes all the way back in 2013. Since its launch, the feature has not seen any major changes in terms of design or functionality. But that is finally changing as the instant messaging app has announced some new enhancements to Voice Notes.

In a blog post on Wednesday, WhatsApp announced several new features aimed at improving the voice messaging experience. Work on these facilities has been going on for months. They first made their way to the beta version on mobile and desktop and are now finally rolling out to everyone on the stable version of WhatsApp.


Most notable among the new features is the ability to play voice notes in the background. Until now, if you left a chat while the voice message was playing, playback would stop. Now when you start playing a voice message, you can switch to a different conversation, close the app, or do other tasks without interrupting playback.

Another useful addition is the ability to preview your voice messages before sending them. When you record a voice message, you’ll have the option to listen to it before pressing the send button. In addition, you can also pause the voice recording and resume it when you are ready. Lastly, you can listen to voice messages at 1.5x or 2x speed and stop and pick up a message where you left off, so you don’t have to listen to it from the beginning.

Here are all the new features and improvements coming to WhatsApp Voice Messages:

  • out of chat playback: Listen to voice messages outside of chat so you can do more than one thing or read and reply to other messages.
  • Pause/resume recording: When recording a voice message, you can now pause the recording and resume when you’re ready, in case you’re interrupted or need to collect your thoughts.
  • waveform visualization: Shows a visual representation of the sound on a voice message to help follow the recording.
  • draft preview: Listen to your voice messages before sending them.
  • remember playback: If you stop while listening to a voice message, you can pick up where you left off when you return to the chat.
  • Fast playback on forward messages: Play voice messages at 1.5x or 2x speed to hear messages faster on both regular and forwarded messages.

The new voice message feature will be rolled out for WhatsApp users in the coming weeks.

Source: WhatsApp Blog

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