Warframe: Free-to-play Warframe action game for Android and iOS

Third person action game Warframe will soon get an Android port, game studio Digital extremes announced at TennoCon 2021. The mobile port will support cross-platform play and cross-platform storage, which means friends can join in on Warframe fun through the various compatible devices and not be stressed about losing their game progress. The studio also showed what the gameplay will look like on the mobile platform. Crossplay with PS4, Xbox One, PC and Switch was also shown during TennoCon2021. You can check out the gameplay here, which was tested on an iPhone 12 device.

Warframe’s mobile port has no release date for now, but how far the port has progressed, the game could hit the mobile platform soon. Warframe already has a switch port which has struggled with the game’s open world environment with a lot of players.
Digital Extremes also announced an expansion pack called. at New war which should come on the market this year.
For those of you who haven’t played Warframe, let’s just say that the game is known for its fast paced gameplay that involves parkour-style movements, the whole idea of ​​simulating the reactions and dexterity of ninjas when they are used in space, which is why the term “space ninjas” has gained a following in gaming jargon. Players can choose from over 30 customizable. choose Warframes and join friends in intense co-op action. There are a total of 18 worlds to explore in the game, which results in a huge game world.


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