Updated tab bar design and other changes introduced by the latest Safari technology

iPhone Manufacturer Apple has a new version of. released Safari technology preview. The latest version brings changes to the Safari browser which includes an updated tab bar, live text, iCloud keychain passkeys, and support for WebGL 2.
As reported by AppleInsider, the tech giant has released the latest preview for developers and interested users through Apple’s developer portal. It brings version 128 of the safari Technology preview.
One of the major changes in the latest version is the modified tab bar. The tab bar is now located below the address and search text input field. It repeats the divisive design first introduced with macOS Monterey.
As a reminder, Apple moved the tabs to the address bar and navigation controls in the early beta release of macOS Monterey. Back then, Apple was keen to have a space-saving GUI and moved the buttons for refreshing and sharing pages to a drop-down menu located on each tab.
However, the changes caused confusion for some testers. This resulted in Apple rolling back some of the changes and introducing a new design that was closer to Safari’s current design.
It’s this design that Apple released in the latest Safari Technology Preview. And as already mentioned, the adjustments were also incorporated into the beta version of macOS Monterey last week.
Those interested can download it Safari Technology Preview 128 from the Apple developer website. The preview also brings new features such as the passkeys in the iCloud keychain, support for WebGL 2 and live text.


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