Twitter may soon make Tweetdeck a paid Twitter Blue feature

tweetdeck-soon to be paid-twitter-blue-feature

If you are a social media manager or a hardcore Twitter user, I am sure you have used Tweetdeck to manage your Twitter account(s) online. Although it was initially a free app, Twitter later acquired it and released a redesigned Tweetdeck website last year. Now, the microblogging giant is looking to make money through the tool as it aims to make TweetDeck a paid feature for the users. Let’s dig into the details below.

Tweetdeck may soon become a paid feature

According to a recent report ledgeQuoting distinguished reverse engineer Jane Manchun Wong, Twitter may soon integrate its Tweetdeck platform into its paid subscription service Twitter Blue, Wong, earlier this month, discovered A work-in-progress TweetDeck sign-up page that took non-Blue Twitter users to the Twitter Blue sign-up page when they tried to access TweetDeck. You can see his latest tweet below.

On the newly discovered sign-up page, Twitter has given Tweetdeck a “Powerful, real-time tools for the people who live on Twitter.” as well, The company highlights some of the key features of the tool And this “Ad Free Experience” Of the platform

Now, it is worth mentioning that TweetDeck is already an ad-free platform. So, the fact that Twitter is marketing it along with suggests that there may be an ad-supported version available to all users. The ad-free version will soon become a paid feature, and likely, a part of the $2.99/month Twitter Blue service. To recall, it was previously suggested that Tweetdeck may soon become a subscription-based service.

Wong too notes She Twitter is completely rebuilding the platform with him “Parts of the New Twitter Web App.” However, he also saw a link to the legacy version, which may be available for free, however, it may be discontinued in the future.

While the move may prove beneficial for Twitter, it is a bit counterintuitive. Twitter Blue is not ad-free, but TweetDeck is. Therefore, it remains to be seen how this combination works. That said, including Tweetdeck in Twitter Blue may actually help it go ad-free, which could help Twitter earn some money and provide users with a better Twitter Blue experience.

Since we don’t have official details, it’s best to wait and see what Twitter plans to do. Therefore, stay tuned. Also, let us know what you think about Twitter making Tweetdeck a paid feature in the comments below.

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