Twitter is investigating errors that unexpectedly log out iPhone users


Several in the last week Apple iPhone Users found out about a bug in the Twitter App. As reported by users, the Twitter app is unexpectedly signing them out of their accounts. The bug primarily targets the users who have the latest iOS build installed. iOS 15, on their iPhones. Users have also reported that every time they sign in again, they are repeatedly signed out of their accounts. Twitter has confirmed the issue and has confirmed that it is being investigated.
“Can you see that or have you been logged out? We’re investigating a bug that is causing unexpected logoffs on iOS 15. We apologize for the inconvenience and will keep you posted on the fix. ”Shared Twitter support handle. The responses to the tweets show that a significant number of users have faced this problem.
It’s also worth noting that the bug allegedly affects every account that is signed into the app. That means, if you use multiple Twitter accounts in the app, the bug will sign you out of all of them.
This week, Twitter also released an update preventing Tweets from disappearing while users read them. The micro-blogging platform rolled out the fix after users complained about the problem. The company announced plans to roll out the fix in September when it tweeted, “Over the next two months we’ll be posting updates to the way we display tweets so they don’t go away.”
The fix for the issue was introduced the previous week but was only available to users on the web. This week, the company announced that the feature is now available for iOS devices with the latest update. “We made a few updates to iOS to keep Tweets from disappearing while you read. Now if you stop scrolling the timeline to view a tweet, it should stay! ”Shared the support handle from Twitter.


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