Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey mocks Facebook for the global failure

To Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp faced with a worldwide failure, Twitter seized the opportunity to ridicule the tech giant. When Facebook’s own social media platforms collapsed, the party switched to Twitter, where #FacebookDown, #InstagramDown, and other related hashtags and keywords were everywhere. The official Twitter address did not miss the opportunity and tweeted “Hello everyone, literally”. The tweet refers to the fact that users switched to alternative platforms while Facebook’s own services were inaccessible.
Twitter CEO and Founder Jack Dorsey Also joined the car and searched Facebook through a picture that showed that the Facebook domain was for sale. Dorsey wrote ‘how much?’ after I retweeted this picture.

When WhatsApp’s Twitter handle tried to mitigate its situation by replying to Twitter’s tweet, Dorsey took that opportunity to mock the encryption problem on Facebook’s own messaging app. In a reply to WhatsApp he wrote: “I thought that should be encrypted …”.

Other social media platforms haven’t been back much to make the most of the outage.
WhatsApp’s competing messaging app Signal tweeted, “Signups are high on Signal (welcome everyone!) Tumblr, Reddit, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Twitch and many other internet giants also responded to the tweet from Twitter.

According to Facebook, an incorrect configuration change resulted in failure and also claimed that no user data was compromised during the downtime. On an official blog, the company said, “Our engineering teams learned that configuration changes to the backbone routers that coordinate network traffic between our data centers were causing problems that disrupted that communication. This disruption in network traffic had a cascading effect on the way our data centers communicate and brought our services to a standstill.


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