Translate Braille to Text Using This Handy New iOS App

Once upon a time – at the dawn of the smartphone era – it was relatively simple to come up with original app ideas and develop them. The app stores on both iOS and Android weren’t full of replicas of the same concepts. The space to innovate and deliver was wide, and is now shrinking as there are apps that meet the needs of most people. So to potentially publish an app – that really adds value to the App Store – one should really think about what users might need but aren’t actively aware of. If it’s an obvious need, there’s probably already an app (or a dozen) for it. And if it’s useless, then… it’s useless. So the trick is finding the midpoint and filling that missed gap. that makes braille scanner Unique cloned and recycled ideas in an App Store overrun.


developed by Aaron StephensonThis app allows users to scan braille papers and convert them into English text through machine learning. It’s ideal for people who have friends or family who are visually impaired and want to read a certain Braille document with them. The app supports braille / text to speech, export braille or translated text and 17 custom icons. It is available to download for free and has no in-app purchases (IAPs) at the time of writing. Additionally, the developer states that the braille scanner does not collect any user data. So you can use this handy app without compromising on your privacy.

There are already braille translation apps in the App Store. However, everything I’ve seen requires you to manually input braille letters. The special thing about this app is that it automatically detects the characters and translates them on the spot. This is similar to Google Translate’s camera feature, requiring little or no effort from the user.

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