These are the 5 largest PC manufacturers in the world

The globe Pc According to reports, the market has grown 5% and certain issues continue to hamper the market. According to a report by research firm Canalys, the disruption in the global supply chain and logistics network remains the main inhibitor of higher growth in the PC market other constraints related to COVID-19, particularly in Asia, ”said Ishan Dutt, senior analyst at Canalys.
Lenovo remains the market leader with 19.8 million units delivered in the third quarter of 2021. HP maintained second position but saw shipments decline 5%. Canalys attributes this to the decline in Chromebook shipments in the US. Dell secured third place and recorded the highest growth among the top 5 brands. Apple saw it Mac Device shipments are up 14.4% and are the fourth largest player in the third quarter of 2021. Acer is the fifth largest brand with over 6 million units shipped in the quarter.

“While there is a noticeable slowdown in some segments, particularly education and consumer, due to the phenomenal performance over the last quarter, there are newer opportunities,” said Rushabh Doshi, research director at Canalys. “Hybrid work models will be an important part of the new normal post-COVID-19 and will require PC vendors to improve their product portfolios and go-to-market strategies as faster processors, better cameras and connectivity are at the fore at all times,” he added .
Japan saw the sharpest decline as PC shipments fell nearly 30%, according to Canalys. In North America (USA and Canada), too, deliveries fell by 9% compared to the previous year. However, regions such as LATAM, EMEA and Asia Pacific (ex Japan) saw strong annual shipments growth of 17%, 16% and 13%, respectively, according to Canalys.


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