The new WhatsApp feature will make shopping easier for you


WhatApp has reportedly started rolling out a new feature called Collections. The function enables you to buy items from the messaging platform using categories. In simple terms, the feature enables business account holders to organize products in their catalogs by category so that users can easily find the item they want without scrolling through the long list of items.
If you have a WhatsApp business You can create a collection account by following these steps. Tap the three dots in the top right corner of the app> tap Business Tools> select Catalog> tap Add New Collection.
The “Catalogs” function was first introduced by the company in 2019. It enables companies to display the products and services they offer to potential customers. The feature enables companies to set up a mobile shop window without creating a separate website. In order to further increase e-commerce on the platform, the company has released the “Carts” function, which makes it easier for customers to buy multiple items.
The platform has also released a new Android beta, which reportedly adds a new control bar in picture-in-picture videos. According to a report from WABetainfo, the control bar now allows users to quickly pause or resume a video. It also allows users to open or close full screen mode. Currently, the control bar only works on videos shared from other selected platforms, but the platform will supposedly enable it for all videos.
The company is also reportedly working on a new voice memo feature that will allow you to pause and resume a voice memo without having to record another message or send the message you might need to pause. From now on, you can only listen to the voice message that you recorded before sending it.


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