The Galaxy Z Flip 4 may solve one of the biggest issues with the Z Flip 3

Although almost nine months old at the moment, the Galaxy Z Flip 3 is the best compact foldable phone on the market. The Galaxy Z Flip 3 represents a big step up over its predecessor, offering a four times bigger external display, better durability, IPX8 water resistance, and a more attractive price tag. But as much as we love the Galaxy Z Flip 3, there’s one area it falls short of compared to other phones: battery life. The Galaxy Z Flip 3 packs a 3,300mAh battery, and it delivered decent screen on time (SoT) numbers on light to moderate usage, but it struggled to last through a day under heavy loads. But it looks like the upcoming Galaxy Z Flip 4 could offer some improvements in this area.

according to a report by GalaxyClubThe Galaxy Z Flip 4 will reportedly have a bigger battery. The report states that the Galaxy Z Flip 4 (model number SM-F721) will pack two batteries, with one “sub” battery and the other “main” battery. Despite having an “all” battery, it’s actually the bigger of the two; Its rated capacity is reportedly 2,400mAh. For reference, it’s 100mAh bigger than the Galaxy Z Flip 3’s sub battery. Meanwhile, the main battery has a rated capacity of 903mAh, which is unchanged from last year. The two batteries combined will provide a rated capacity of 3,300mAh or 3,400mAh “typical” advertised capacity. So overall, we’re seeing a small increase of 100mAh over the Galaxy Z Flip 3’s battery – 3,200mAh (rated) or 3,300mAh (typical).

While such small increases are unlikely to make a huge difference, Samsung can focus on other areas – such as taking advantage of more efficient chipsets and using LTPO displays – to further extend battery life.

Samsung has high hopes for its next foldable clamshell. A March report revealed that display shipments for the Galaxy Z Flip 4 are expected to be 60% higher than the previous model.

Source: GalaxyClub

Featured Image: Galaxy Z Flip 3

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