The “first” USB Type-C iPhone has arrived, but it’s not from Apple


Apple slowly moving from the Lightning port to USB Type-C for Macs and iPads. But there’s no word on when iPhones will finally get it. With the introduction of the new iPhone 13 series, Apple replaced the Type-A connector (standard USB) with Type-C on the other end of the Lightning charging cable.
We can assume that Apple will roll out Type-C in the long term, especially as the European Commission is forcing smartphone brands to switch to a common Type-C charging port. While we wait for Apple to make the move, an engineer will be named Ken Pillonel showed how he equipped the iPhone X with a USB Type-C port. In the video he posted on YouTube, Pillonel revealed a working iPhone X with a Type-C connector.
Pillonel recreated the C94 connector and made changes to the board so that the Type-C port works for both charging and data transfer. He showed that it will be pretty easy for Apple to make the change in future iPhones, but then it’s all about Apple’s intent.
While Pillonel made the switch to the Type-C port on his iPhone X sound simple, note that he has an in-depth knowledge and skill in electronics. So it is not advisable to try it out on your iPhone. Also, keep in mind that making such changes will void your iPhone’s warranty.
For those who don’t know, the European Commission has required smartphone brands and other electronics manufacturers to bring products to market with a common charging port, and they have chosen the USB Type-C port for that. Now it would be interesting to see how Apple reacts. It can either manufacture iPhone models with USB Type-C exclusively for the European market or simply give up the Lightning port entirely and simply take over the Type-C port.


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