Splunk Cloud Platform gets new features


Splunk Inc, a data platform company, has made improvements to Splunk Cloud Platform and Splunk Enterprise. Splunk gives businesses the solutions they need to manage and succeed throughout their cloud journey.
“In the past eighteen months, the transformative power of data has come to the fore as companies reinvent themselves and their customer experiences. In an unpredictable world, companies with a strong data foundation have thrived despite unforeseen changes, ”said Shawn Bice, President for Products and Technology, Splunk. “As we enter this next era of opportunity, we understand the responsibility and partnership with our customers, and Splunk is committed to their success. Data is everywhere – public clouds, on-premises data centers, edge, apps, third-party tools – and Splunk will help our customers make something out of data. ”
Splunk has introduced new capabilities for accessing cloud data and working with data in motion before it is indexed within the Splunk platform. The new Data Manager, which is currently in preview, is intended to provide a modernized user experience in the Splunk Cloud Platform for simple and automated cloud-native data onboarding, starting with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft 365 and expanding with the Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure Data sources. Splunk’s new Ingest Actions feature, also in preview, enables customers to react to data in motion in order to edit, filter, and forward data to Splunk or external AWS S3 storage. Additionally, Splunk claims to be working to ensure that the Splunk platform offers affordable indexing and storage options for all customer data. It has added two new features to its storage and pricing tiers within the Splunk platform. The new Flex Index, available as a preview to Splunk Cloud customers at workload prices, is designed to provide low cost ingestion, search, and storage of lower value data that may have long retention periods, and is primarily used for historical forensic investigations and compliance used . Splunk is also expanding cloud storage with SmartStore, which is now available as a preview function on Microsoft Azure in addition to Amazon Web Services and the Google Cloud Platform.


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