Social humor: memes soared when IG, FB WhatsApp crashed

DISCLAIMER: This is a compilation of humor shared by netizens around the world. The Times of India does not endorse or endorse any of the views expressed in this article. The topic is intended purely as a satire.
NEW DELHI. Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp reconnected on Monday evening after a 6 hour global outage. The failure of the outage led to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg “Lose” billions of dollars. According to a report by Bloomberg, Facebook’s share price has fallen 5%.

No sooner had the outages impacted the services than users began to joke and share memes on the Twitter microblogging site about the disruption.

“Twitter literally came alive”
‘Whose fault was it anyway?’

Zuckerberg takes responsibility

‘Checked off’



The last hope

What if…..


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