Skincare and makeup tips to detox your skin during lockdown

Now that we are home due to the lockdown and don’t need makeup it is the best time not only to detox our bodies but also our facial skin during this period. Deep cleanse the deep-seated impurities, the stale residue of makeup, dead skin debris which probably is accumulated in the pores by following these tips and tricks.

1 Exfoliate

The superficial layer can be detoxified from the top which can be done via exfoliation whereas, for the deeper layers, you need to give importance to your diet and water intake. Exfoliation will make skin smoother and also ready to absorb the active ingredients in other products that matter. Exfoliate with homemade packs. Use ingredients such as lime juice, sugar granules, and milk powder. This will enable you to exfoliate the dead skin layer. Limejuice contains alpha hydroxy acid that softens the dead skin cells, milk powder has lactic acid that will moisturize the skin and the sugar granules will exfoliate the face. This mixture is apt for dry skin.

2. Hydrate

Since we are washing our faces more often, we must hydrate to maintain balance. Due to constant washing, the pH of the skin can get altered leading to dryness of the facial skin. To prevent this, try and moisturize as often as you wash. Look for products such as glycerin, castor oil or petroleum jelly, or even anything that you already have at home. At night you can apply something heavier before you sleep.

3. Detox

Detox from blue light (phones, I pads, TVs). We have already been educated about the UV light is harmful for the skin. But the uncommon fact is that besides the UV light, the blue light in the (visible) spectrum is damaging too. Sunlight is the main source but our digital devices emit a fraction of this blue light energy too. And they are much closer to us and we use them far too often. Long-term exposure to these concentrated blue light energy can cause skin damage, including pigmentation, inflammation, and breakdown of collagen causing photo-aging. If you have been reading books on your devices, switch over to reading books instead of e-reading. Use your smartphone smartly- add the screen limit time in your device which can show you the amount of time you have been spending on your device. This way you will be able to keep a tab on the amount of time spent and be able to limit it.

Other useful tips

Do not put your fingers into a jar of cream, use a spatula instead.

Avoid using sponges for makeup

Sharpen your eyeliner, lip liner, eye pencil, every time you use

Remove all your makeup and cream applied during day time before you sleep

Better sleeping habits, better hygiene, more dietary care, reduction in stress, more exercise, and quitting smoking will help in detox and effectively and affect your overall health.

With inputs from celebrity cosmetic physician Dr. Jamuna Pai.

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