Samsung launches bespoke four door refrigerators in India, starting at Rs 1.67.990


Samsung has expanded its range of refrigerators in India. The company has the Samsung customized Refrigerator series in the country. The new refrigerators will be available in 4-Door Flex Family center and 4-door Flex French Door models.
The Samsung Bespoke 4-Door Family Hub Fridge will be available in Black Caviar with an elegant steel finish along with two-tone Glam glass panels in Glam Navy and Glam White. The tailor-made 4-Door Flex French Door refrigerator will be available in Glam Navy and Glam White glass surfaces.
Price and availability
Samsung Bespoke refrigerators will be available from Samsung’s official online store, online trading platforms, and offline retail stores across the country. Customers who pre-book Samsung Bespoke refrigerators receive up to 20% cashback and an 18-month free EMI option.
Samsung Bespoke with Glam Navy & Glam White Glass two-tone in 674 liters capacity costs 1.67.990 rupees. Customized Family Hub in Glam Navy & Glam White Glass with a capacity of 934 liters costs 2.55,000 rupees. The Bespoke Family Hub in Black Caviar Metal with a capacity of 865 liters can be purchased for 2,69,990 rupees.
The new refrigerators will be available from October 18, 2021. They come with a 10-year guarantee on the compressor with digital inverter technology and a 1-year guarantee on the refrigerator.
Samsung Bespoke 4-Door Flex models offer five different temperature options available with FlexZone. There is also a Flex Crisper Zone for storing meat, poultry or fish products, while the Crisper + allows for storing fruit and vegetables.
The 4-door Flex has a beverage center in the refrigerator, which means that the water dispenser nozzle is less exposed to air or dust and is safer for consumers. The refrigerator has an autofill water jug ‚Äč‚Äčthat automatically fills with purified water.
With the dual auto ice maker, the refrigerator regularly produces ice cubes and ice bites in two separate ice makers. It can produce up to 2.8 kg of ice per day and store up to 4.1 kg.
The new range has a built-in deodorizing filter that reduces odors caused by airborne bacteria in your refrigerator. The models are equipped with a triple cooling system to independently supply three compartments in the fridge and freezer with three special coolers with cool air.
Samsung Bespoke Family Hub 6.0 models are powered by AI and feature Samsung’s SmartThings App connectivity. The Family Hub has a digital frame that can be used to display artwork of your choice from a curated selection. The refrigerators also offer a range of screen views to blend in with the refrigerator and kitchen decor.


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