Researchers have developed paper-thin speakers that you may soon be able to install in your living room!

MIT researchers develop paper-thin loudspeakers that can enable ANC for your living room!

A team of researchers from MIT’s Organic and Nanostructured Electronics Lab (One Lab) developed a One-of-a-kind, paper-thin speaker system Which has the ability to enable Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) for the entire room. Yeah, you read that right! The new speakers come in the form of a sheet, which is as thin as paper and “Weighs almost as much as a penny” But can produce higher quality audio when connected to the Surface. Check out the details below to learn more about this interesting invention!

MIT researchers develop paper-thin speakers

The MIT team of engineers recently took to an official blog post to announce their new paper-thin loudspeaker. This is a thin-film loudspeaker that can be attached to a Surface to turn it into an active audio source. According to the researchers, the new paper-thin speaker delivers minimal sound distortion while consuming far less power than traditional loudspeakers.

To develop the unique product, MIT engineers took a new approach to the loudspeaker concept. Unlike a traditional, These paper-thin loudspeakers use a piezoelectric shape Material Which moves when voltage is applied to it. In turn, it moves air over it to produce audio.

In addition, this type of thin-film speaker system is designed to be freestanding, enabling film bend freely to produce sound, Therefore, one cannot place these speakers on the surface as it prevents the units from vibrating, which, in turn, reduces their ability to produce accurate sound.

To solve this problem, engineers “rethink” design, and instead of vibrating the whole material, they came up with a design that is dependent on small domes, each of which can vibrate individually on the thin piezoelectric material. To protect these domes from abrasion and wear and tear for daily use, the researchers applied spacer layers on top and bottom of the thin sheets.

Now, coming to the applications of the new paper-thin loudspeaker, the researchers say that They can be used to enable Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) in chaotic rooms such asFor example, the cockpit of an airplane. These speakers can be mounted to cockpit walls and produce contrast-frequency sounds, just like the ANC-supported TWS earbuds work to cancel out environmental noise.

The researchers also suggest that since paper-thin loudspeakers have much lower power consumption, they could fill theaters or entertainment-focused theme park rides to deliver 3D spatial audio for a more immersive experience than ever before. . Furthermore, since the power consumption is very low, the speaker can be used even in smart devices with limited battery life.

Now, although the idea sounds promising, there is no information on whether the paper-thin loudspeaker will enter mass production. Perhaps, we can expect the unique loudspeaker to fill your future living room to provide an immersive experience. What do you think of the idea of ​​ANC for the whole room? Wouldn’t that be exciting? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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