Qualcomm’s Apple M1-competitive CPU expected to launch in late 2023

Qualcomm's Apple M1-competitor CPU has been delayed to the end of 2023

While Apple is expanding its M1 family of chipsets for its Mac computers, it looks like Qualcomm is struggling to catch up with the Cupertino giant. Last year, Qualcomm announced that it would release its own ARM-based CPU to compete with Apple’s M1 chips. Now, the company has delayed the release of the upcoming laptop CPU(s). Check out the details below.

Qualcomm delays its Apple M1 competitor’s CPU launch

When Qualcomm announced its ARM-based CPUs for Windows-powered computers last year, the company promised device makers the first samples of the chip by August 2022. The first Windows PCs with the upcoming Qualcomm processor were released in early 2023. ,

Also, for those unaware, Qualcomm also acquired a chip-making startup that included an ex-Apple designer named Nuvia last year for $1.4 million. This assigned the company the responsibility of developing the M1-competitor, promising that the upcoming CPU will “Set performance benchmarks for Windows PCs.”

However, during a recent earnings call, Qualcomm President and CEO Cristiano Amon stated that Chipset development is taking time As the Nuvia team moves towards its goal of developing a processor that will be a significant leap forward for the industry. He further said that the first Nuvia-designed CPU will go “After Performance Level”And the first device supported by the processor will be released in 2023.

So, it looks like Qualcomm has failed to deliver on its promise to make the first CPU samples available to manufacturers by August 2022, That deadline has been extended to late 2022, with commercial Nuvia CPU-powered devices expected to be released “Late” 2023.

Until that time, Apple is expected to release its M2 family of computer processors to the market with improvements in performance and power. And by the time commercial devices with Qualcomm laptop CPUs come out, Apple could offer third-gen M-branded processors for its Mac devices as well. So, do you think Qualcomm can catch up with Apple in this CPU race? Tell us your opinion on this topic in the comments below.

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