Pubg Mobile India: PUBG manufacturer Krafton to parents: These 6 functions make the game “safer” for children


South Korean video game developer Krafton drive in ‘Play responsibly‘Campaign for desi PUBGBGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India). The campaign kicks off with a series of films and encourages players to pledge to take care of the mental health of their squadmates as they step onto the battlefields. The initiative aims to promote safer and more responsible gaming habits and raise awareness among gamers to be safer and more responsible healthy play Habits.
The first film to appear on YouTube is aimed at parents and tries to tackle the core problem of continuous gaming in a lighthearted way. The second film will encourage gamers to occasionally “look it up” from the phone they are always buried in. Overall, the films should bring home the message of responsible gaming with the BGMI security functions.
According to the company, here are some key steps at play that parents need to know and understand.
Virtual world warning: Right before the game begins, players should be aware of the virtual world they are entering. The in-game audio is intended to confirm that this game exists in a virtual world and is not your real life.
OTP authentication: Any player under the age of 18 must register a parent or legal guardian before playing for the first time. An OTP is sent to the number of the registered person under which the minor is allowed to play the game.
Break reminders: Some games can get intense and make players lose track of time. But timely break reminders should help players get the downtime they need. These memories help them look up from their game and return to real life.
Game restrictions: With a strict gameplay limit, players under the age of 18 cannot play for more than 3 hours a day.
Daily spending limits: Krafton also set an in-game time of day Spending limit from Rs 7000 to automatically stop them from spending too much.
Moderated game graphics: Krafton says it sensitized the graphics in the game to promote a healthy and responsible gaming culture. These include reduced violence, bloodshed, and parameters to keep language in check.


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