Paying salary to faculty on time, reducing fees, sharing internet: AICTE warns engineering schools engineering

The All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) has warned Engineering colleges across India to comply with the rules it has put in place given the ongoing Covid situation in the country. The legal body reminded engineering schools to help students and faculty members during this difficult time. AICTE said it received constant complaints from faculty and staff for termination of service, non-payment of salary and also from students for institutes’ insistence on paying full annual or semester fees all at once.
In a recent circular, it reminded institutions and colleges not to insist on paying full fees all at once and recommended that colleges collect fees in three or four equal installments until normalcy is restored. “Accordingly, all universities or institutions are instructed to display this information on their website and also to communicate it to all students by e-mail,” says the circular.
Regarding the payment of salaries to faculty members, AICTE said: “There cannot be a dismissal by the faculty without sufficient disciplinary grounds and proper redress procedure. Salaries and other contributions to the lecturers / employees are released on a monthly basis in a timely manner and terminations made during the lockdown (if any) are withdrawn. This must be strictly adhered to. ”
AICTE said engineering schools and institutions must strictly adhere to these instructions and any case of non-compliance under the standards reported to the council could result in severe penalties.
The panel also recommends sharing the internet bandwidth with other universities and institutions. “Due to the inability of certain students to access Internet services, colleges or institutions are encouraged to allow students from other colleges or institutions in their area to access their college or institution’s Internet facility,” it said.
Colleges may allow students from other institutions to share their campus internet Wi-Fi facility upon presentation of an ID card from a college where they are studying. Also, given the blocking and unavailability of bandwidth in certain remote areas, the presence rule can be relaxed.


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