OneDrive for Business gets new features for file management on the web

Microsoft has announced some improvements to OneDrive for Business users with the goal of making file management easier. Specifically, the new features help to bring together the file management experience for OneDrive, Teams, and SharePoint.

First, OneDrive now lets you quickly access all of your teams from its web interface. you can go more space option on the sidebar to see all your teams at once, and you can even pin them to your Quick Access list. This feature was actually announced a few months back, but it should be fully available now.

When navigating the libraries associated with Teams or SharePoint, you can switch between libraries more easily. There’s a new dropdown menu that lets you easily switch between the libraries available in that specific team or site. On that note, you can now also pin shared libraries to the Quick Access list, so you don’t have to navigate through your team or SharePoint sites every time you want quick access to a specific library.

Microsoft is also making it easier to move files around with a destination picker so you can easily see all of your locations. For example, you can move files from your personal OneDrive storage to a shared SharePoint library, and all the locations are easily visible. Now you can also move shortcuts to different places. For example, if you create a shortcut to a shared folder in Teams, it will usually appear in your root OneDrive folder, but you can now organize that shortcut into the folder you like for easier access. .

Destination picker to move a file to OneDrive or SharePointDestination picker to move a file to OneDrive or SharePoint

Finally, cleaning it up after completing a specific task is now easier. OneDrive now allows you to delete large folders of up to 10,000 items at once, so once you no longer need those files, you can easily delete them all and clear your cloud storage so that You can focus on the files that are still relevant. ,

Source: Microsoft

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