Nvidia GeForce Now app now native on Apple M1

GeForce Now is Nvidia’s game streaming platform, built to play Windows-based PC games on the cloud, on desktop and mobile platforms. Nvidia just released a new update for the GeForce Now service, which includes the M1-native Mac app.

Similar to Google Stadia or Amazon Luna, GeForce Now has been available in web browsers for a few months (many of which are M1-native), but the native GeForce Now application has always been the best way to use the service. Nvidia said on Thursday, “The latest update to the cloud enables GeForce Now macOS apps to natively support the Apple M1 chip. The update will enable lower power consumption, faster app startup times, and faster app startup times for M1-based MacBooks, iMacs, and more. Provides an overall enhanced GeForce Now experience on Mac Minis.

In addition to Mac-specific changes, the GeForce Now app has a new Style row at the bottom of the Games menu, which can help you sort your game collection. There’s also an improved streaming statistics overlay that includes FPS data on the server side – not just what you get on your machine. This can be helpful to find out whether your poor game performance is due to your network connection or the actual game itself.

Nvidia has also added 14 more games to the service, including Dunes: Spice Wars, Holomento, Galactic Civilization II: Ultimate Edition, SOL CRESTAAnd Romans: The Age of Caesaro, The most notable addition is probably khoya extractOnline action role-playing game published by Amazon Games back in 2019.

GeForce Now was in the news earlier this year for adding Fortnite as a supported title, and since GeForce Now is available on iOS devices via Safari, the new support technically Bringing Fortnite back to iPhones and iPads. The game was initially pulled from the App Store after Epic Games cut Apple’s revenue for in-app purchases, and the original version won’t return anytime soon (if ever).

Source: NVIDIA
via: Engadget

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