Mozilla Firefox 100 Updates PiP Mode And Could Clutter Your Tabs

In 2002, Mozilla’s web browser came to this world as Phoenix, later renamed Firebird, and took its final form as Firefox in 2004. That is about 20 years ago. Today, Firefox is celebrating a milestone with the release of Firefox 100. While being able to choose a web browser in 2022 may seem normal, when Mozilla first debuted, it was nothing. So what comes with the 100th release, let’s find out.

The latest version of Mozilla Firefox has many improvements. While we can’t talk about them all, let’s highlight some of the more important updates. A fan favorite and one that has received frequent updates since its introduction is the picture-in-picture (PiP) mode. This mode is great for multitaskers, allowing video to be placed in a separate window. The window can actively move from tab to tab or even outside the browser. With its latest incarnation, PiP Mode will offer support for subtitles and captions. Firstly, this feature will only be available on YouTube, Amazon Prime Video, Netflix and websites that support WebVTT. The firm hopes to expand this to more websites in the near future.

Firefox has improvements not only for its desktop counterpart, but for the Android and iOS versions as well. For Android users till date, you will be able to experience things clutter free. Mozilla makes this possible by taking all the URLs in your history and organizing it in an intuitive way. The new clutter-free organization will also remove duplicate entries. As far as tabs are concerned, things will look more streamlined, with unused tabs being put into inactive state after 14 days. The beauty of this is that it still gives you the option to go back, but it won’t just visually clutter up your browser. This feature will come to iOS users this week.

The above are only a small part of the updates and improvements available on the latest version of Mozilla Firefox. If you want to give it a try, be sure to download the app on your preferred device. Firefox 100 is available for Windows, macOS, Linux, Android and iOS. For full details on the changes, feel free to navigate to the link below.

Source: Mozilla

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