Microsoft Your Phone is being revamped as Phone Link

Today, Microsoft is announcing the next generation of your phone, the Phone Link. With this change comes a new design, but the functionality remains the same. You’ll be able to send and receive messages, mirror your phone, run Android apps, and more. Your Phone companion is also being rebranded, and will be called Link to Windows.

The Redmond firm also said that with Windows 11’s next feature update, due out this fall, you’ll be prompted to set up a phone link from the out-of-box experience using a QR code. It’s not clear what this exactly means because your phone signal has been a part of OOBE for some time.


Of course, you still need an Android phone for this to work, making that part of the OOBE a real pain point for iPhone users. While Your Phone has existed for a few years now, Microsoft has done nothing to support them, despite the fact that Dell actually has feature parity with the Mobile Connect application between iOS and Android.

new phone link design

Microsoft redesigned Phone Link for Windows 11, and that means rounded corners. There’s also a new tabbed navigation, and Microsoft says setup is now easier. There are new animations, icons, colors and more. Not only should it be easy to use, but it should match the overall look and feel of Windows 11.

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Phone Link 3

Microsoft already has integration with Samsung phones for its Surface Duo devices. In fact, this is where Link to Windows originates. This was originally on Samsung devices where Link to Windows was added as an option in the quick settings. Now, Microsoft is adding Honor as a partner. Out of the gate, you’ll see it on the Magic V, Magic 4 Series, and Magic 3 Series, though Microsoft says there’s more on the way.

The main idea here is to bring PhoneLink to China, which Honor is helping Microsoft do. It should add the same level of functionality as if you were using a Samsung phone, such as mirroring an Android app to make it feel like it’s running on your PC. As you can see from the image above, there are no Google services on the phone it is running on, as Google services are not allowed in China.

The new branding should go live today in the form of PhoneLink for your phone.

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