Microsoft: Microsoft is shutting down LinkedIn in China, here’s why


Social media platforms – which are widespread – around the world don’t work in China. Be it Facebook, Twitter, delivery boy, none of them are allowed to operate in China. LinkedIn is the only major social media platform that is not blocked in China. That won’t be the case anymore since Microsoft has announced that it will close the store in China.
In a blog post, the US tech giant said it is “facing a much more difficult operating environment and higher compliance requirements in China. With this in mind, we made the decision to discontinue the current localized version of LinkedIn that people in China will use to access LinkedIn’s global social media platform later this year. ”
An earlier report in the Wall Street Journal said that China’s Internet regulator had ordered Microsoft to better moderate its content. LinkedIn had banned some US journalists in China, while academics and researchers also complained about their accounts being banned. China has always been tough on big tech companies and similar companies like Facebook and Google have almost no presence in the country. Apple is one of the few large US technology companies that continues to have a significant presence in China.
Microsoft is not leaving China entirely as the company said its new strategy will be aimed at “helping China-based professionals find jobs in China and Chinese companies find qualified candidates.”
To this end, the company will start InJobs, a new application page for China. It won’t have a social feed which means users won’t be able to share posts or articles. “This decision is in line with our commitment to create business opportunities for every member of the global workforce. While this has been our vision for nearly two decades, it feels more important than ever as we all strive to build a global economy that brings more prosperity and progress to people around the world, ”Microsoft said in the blog post.


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