Microsoft Edge is testing a VPN-like service called Edge Secure Network

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Microsoft is testing a new security feature called Edge Secure Network, which is meant to make the browsing experience more secure and private. This feature will work like a VPN to protect user data from any cyber attacks or threats from hackers. Here is everything you need to know.

Microsoft Edge Secure Network Details

security feature, which has been Developed in partnership with Cloudflare, Will encrypt users’ internet connection to protect their data from any malicious activity. When Edge Secure Network is enabled, it will direct data through an encrypted tunnel to form a secure network, even if a non-secure URL is used.

it will Prevent hackers and other services from accessing browsing data such as websites visited, especially over a shared public Wi-Fi network. The service will also hide the real IP address of the user by providing him a virtual IP address so that the user can keep his location private as well.

It is said that users will need to sign in to their Microsoft account to access the Edge Secure Network feature. Users will also get free 1GB data per month linked to their account. Also, at the end of every month all bandwidth data is deleted and no data is stored by Cloudflare either.

Microsoft Edge Secure Network works similar to the inbuilt VPN services of various browsers like Opera and Mozilla. The company has detailed ways to enable this feature, which can be easily done through the settings.

Microsoft Edge Secure Network Tested

The Microsoft Edge Secure Network feature is currently a preview feature and can be accessed if users become part of Microsoft Edge Insider channels. It remains to be seen when it will be available to the general audience. Stay tuned for that and let us know your thoughts on it in the comments below.

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