Microsoft Edge gets more Windows 11 UI elements for Insiders

Microsoft is working on some additional UI enhancements for its Edge browser on Windows 11, bringing it in line with the rest of the OS. If you’re running Edge Canary Channel on your Windows 11 PC right now, you have the option of using round tabs along with translucent Mica content. However, these options are currently hidden behind a feature flag, and were shared by Twitter user Firecube.

Mica is a translucent material that Microsoft introduced with Windows 11, and you can see it in various parts of the OS, such as the Start menu, the Settings app, and the menu bar in File Explorer. This allows your desktop background to let some of the UI elements shine through, creating a more immersive visual experience. In Edge, Mica is applied to the menu bar at the top, including the Inactive Tabs and Favorites bar, if you have it enabled.

If you enable the Rounded Tabs option, you will also notice that the active tab in the Edge type pops out of the tab bar. In the current iteration, the tab is linked to the menu/address bar below it, but not so with this new design, which is reminiscent of Mozilla’s Firefox browser.

To enable these two changes, you’ll need to be running the latest version of Edge Canary — which you can download here — then follow these steps:

These are admittedly small changes, but for Windows users who appreciate stability, it’s still good news. Microsoft made some changes to Edge in the lead-up to the Windows 11 launch, adding a translucent effect to menus as well as making them more compact and tweaking the font. With these additional changes, the browser should feel even more at home on the OS. Ordinary Microsoft Edge users will have to wait a while for these Windows 11 UI tweaks, but at least we know they are being worked on.

via: Firecube (Twitter)

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