Microsoft Edge 101 adds default profile setting and a PWA Launcher

Microsoft’s Edge browser has received an update for version 101, and with it comes some new features, as you’d expect. However, there are a few notable updates, starting with the ability to set a default Edge profile when the browser is opened.

Edge is getting some improvements to the way it handles profiles, including the ability to automatically switch to a different profile when you visit a specific website. However, with this update, you will be able to set a default profile that gets launched whenever you open the browser. Previously, Edge would launch with whatever profile you were using last, and you still have that option, but now you can choose a default one as well. There is also a new policy setting that can be configured to enable or disable this feature.

Another new thing with this update is the ability to launch Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) from the toolbar. While this change is still in progress, you’ll be able to pin an Apps button to the toolbar to quickly access your installed PWAs without going through the usual Edge menu.

Other improvements include a way to manually clear the remembered certificate for the website and to bring up the certificate picker again without restarting the browser. In addition, Microsoft has made improvements to the Enterprise Site List Manager, and has a new policy to allow users to install extensions from other stores (such as the Chrome Web Store). However, these are more capable features for IT administrators.

Earlier this week, some notable updates were supposed to arrive in Edge in the near future, but they are not yet in this version. This includes a new built-in VPN service powered by Cloudflare, as well as new design changes for Windows 11 users. The latter of them may already be tested if you are running Edge Canary channels, but it may take some time to get into the stable channel.

If you want to get version 101 now, you can click on the three-dot menu in your Edge browser, go to Help and Feedbackand then click About Microsoft Edge to check for updates. If you don’t have the browser installed at all, you can download it anytime from here.

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