Microsoft 365’s April update adds easier account switching and new accessibility features

As we near the end of April, Microsoft is once again highlighting the updates it has made to Microsoft 365 products and services over the past month. This includes some pre-announced features, like tabs in Windows 11 File Explorer (which aren’t actually available yet), as well as new AI-powered calling features, such as automatic framing and voice focus. However, there is more in tow this month.

Starting with Accessibility, Microsoft has introduced new notification controls in Teams to help users block out distractions at work. For example, you can now mute notifications during a meeting. Other Teams features aim to help users stay focused, including the ability to hide your own video feed, change chat density settings, and more. Microsoft has also introduced new text prediction and voice control features to some of its apps to make accessibility even better. Viva Insights also has a new focus mode to help users focus on the task at hand.

A notable update to Microsoft To Do on Windows also released this month, and it enables smart recognition of things like due dates and whether tasks should be repeated. If you create a task called “Submit a report on Friday,” a due date will be automatically set for the next Friday to do, for example.

On the web, Microsoft 365 apps like Word, PowerPoint, and so on now support seamless account switching. You no longer need to sign out of one account to switch to another, and you can view all of your active accounts from the Accounts menu in the top-right corner of the page so you can switch between them at will. .

If you use Yammer, there have been some updates this month as well. It’s now possible for you to upvote useful feedback, making it easier for other people to find it, and it’s now possible to bookmark a post to view it later. Although it hasn’t been rolled out yet, Yammer will soon support dark mode on the web as well.

Microsoft also had some big news for Windows 365 in April, including the ability to make the OS the default boot system on your PC or bring your Windows 365 cloud desktop directly into Windows 11. There’s also Windows 365 Offline, which gives you the ability to use your cloud PC without an Internet connection, keeping things in sync as soon as you reconnect. Again, it’s not all that is available yet, but Microsoft announced it this month.

windows 365 promo imagewindows 365 promo image

Windows 11 PC showing local and cloud desktops side by side

Lastly, there were some updates on the IT management side of things. Microsoft has introduced Windows Autopatch, a feature that allows businesses to automatically keep Windows and Office up to date, and the company has also introduced a way for companies to show custom messages to employees in Windows 11. done, making it easy to help users set up theirs. Equipment as per company policy. Microsoft also introduced a new Remote Help app this month to make it easier for employees to get help from IT teams in a secure way.

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