meta: Meta is working on haptic gloves with which you can “touch” objects in the digital world


Meta, formerly known as Facebook, made a lot of noise in the augmented reality and virtual reality world. The whole idea of ​​the ambitious Metaverse revolves heavily around AR and VR. Meta‘s Reality Labs Research gave a glimpse into a pair of haptic gloves that allow you to touch the digital world.
According to a blog post by Meta, lightweight haptic gloves “address both sides of the AR / VR interaction problem – help the computer understand and reflect precisely the hand movements of the wearer and a range of complex, nuanced sensations for the wearer such as pressure, texture and vibration to create the effect of feeling a virtual object with your hands. ”
The blog post further notes that users can pair them with a VR headset for an immersive experience like playing a concert or playing poker on the Metaverse, and – finally – they would work with your AR glasses too. “These gloves are much more than just a peripheral device, they would make the virtual world tangible,” says the blog post.
the haptic glove needs actuators – or tiny motors – on the whole hand to convey a real sense of touch. A haptic glove can even convince the wearer’s sensing system that they are sensing the weight of an object by gently pulling the actuators on the skin of the wearer’s fingers to mimic the pull of gravity on a held object. But everything has to be timed just right, the blog post notes.
“Today, the gloves are custom made by experienced engineers and technicians who manufacture the subsystems and assemble the gloves largely by hand,” says Katherine Healy, research process engineer at RL. “We use semi-automated processes where we can, but making these gloves on a large scale requires inventing new manufacturing methods.”
There are currently no plans for the company to launch the haptic gloves commercially as they are still in the prototype stage.


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