Mac Studio users complain about high-pitched “whining” sound

When Apple releases brand new products, users sometimes face issues, However, in the tech industry it makes sense. No matter how much testing a company does before releasing a product, there is a chance that the problem will not appear until the public starts using it. We’ve all probably heard about antennagate and bandgate from previous iPhone models. latest Oopsie Now Mac Studio is harassing users for affecting an Apple product. Several online complaints indicate that some models – mostly the M1 Max ones – are producing a high-pitched “whining” noise from the rear. The emitted sound is reportedly very distracting and obvious to the users. MacRumors reader sunsetblavdie Share your experience:

Hi, I am following this thread and want to share my experience with Mac Studio. I ordered the M1 Max variant with 32 core GPU and 64 GB RAM. After a week or two I started moaning in a loud voice. Simple fan noise was audible but not disturbing. There was a loud noise that I could not ignore. I have a relatively large work space and the sound is distracting. I decided to take my studio to the Apple Store after trying a bunch of software fixes like contacting Apple Support and reinstalling the OS. After a day’s inspection the tech person at the Apple Store claimed that it was normal fan noise within the expected range of noise and said they couldn’t do anything about it. Frustrated I called Apple Support again and they agreed to send me a replacement which I am waiting for now.

according to this MacRumors, this problem is affecting replacement units as well. Whether this is a hardware defect that would require a product recall or a software bug that could be fixed through an update is unknown. However, it’s worth noting that not all M1 Max Mac Studios are affected by this problem. The reasons behind this are not clear at the moment. The M1 Max and M1 Ultra Mac Studios have different cooling systems, however, so it’s safe to assume that the M1 Max’s heatsink is behind it.

Is your Mac studio producing a crackling sound? If yes, which chip version do you have? Let us know in the comments section below.

Source: MacRumors

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