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Finding the right ambient sound app is a difficult process, as most of these types of apps are littered with low-quality sounds, ads, and poor UI. Those of us who rely on Nature Sound Loop, White Noise or ASMR find ourselves with a collection of different apps to serve these purposes. Oppo users get access to a special app called O Relax, which is the ultimate ambient sound app you’ll ever need. Packed with high quality audio and customizable experiences, you will be able to immerse yourself in a calming experience that can help you relax.

It is important to take a few minutes each day to demystify and prevent the chaos of life. Your phone can now be your personal meditation space with O Relax, which is included for free in ColorOS 12.1. The OPPO Find X5 Pro, along with most other OPPO devices, gives you access to this amazing century app.

Oppo Find X5 Pro


Listening mode gives you access to a huge selection of different audio files, which you can add to your scene and fine-tune the volume levels. Start with presets that include ambient sounds, music, colorful noises, or special collaboration projects with a variety of themes.

o relax 3

O Relax Summer Sehore

Ambient sounds are a great way to create your own audio environment to help you fall asleep, relax or meditate. If you want to eliminate noise pollution from LEDs, appliances, or any type of electronic device, try different colored noises. The Pink Noise LED is perfect for canceling noise, which often bothers people with sensitive ears.

When you create your ambient paradise, you can use sounds from nature, life, cities, ASMR, and more. As you discover new sounds, they are downloaded and stored locally for playback without an internet connection. You can use this feature to queue up some custom sounds before you get on the plane, and then reduce the noise of the flight with some good headphones.


Relaxing stretches are some of the games designed to relieve stress. A simple bubble popper uses audio and visuals to create a satisfying experience. The Oppo Find X5 Pro’s powerful haptic feedback delivers instant gratification as you burst the bubbles.

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o relax unwind game

Deep breathing exercises are a great way to achieve complete relaxation. The game uses haptic feedback and audio cues, so you can follow along without even looking at your phone. Try lying on your back and holding the phone to your chest, as you feel the vibrations coincide with your breathing. Explore other fun little games to find cool and satisfying ways to completely relax.

to explore

Immerse yourself in an audible world inspired by specific locations in different cities. Travel from places like Beijing, Shenzhen, Bangkok, Tokyo and Reykjavik. Each city has a different sound, which can be adjusted between calm and lively. A map with details of the area will show you where you are experiencing these sounds.

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o relax explore

When you’re tired of the cities on Earth, explore an alien planet in 360 video. Tap on parts of the environment to see custom views and information about the alien world. The haptic feedback is in sync with the video, resulting in a very interesting connection to the environment.

Oppo Find X5 Pro has an amazing built-in speaker that can fill your room with calming sounds throughout the night. o Everything sounds even better when paired with some good speakers, due to the high-quality audio files used to create the relaxing sounds. Feel the bass of a thunderstorm, or immerse yourself in the atmosphere of a city street as the audio plays through your favorite speaker setup. The addition of Dolby Atmos Panoramic Audio makes the experience better than ever,

Get access to O Relax on OPPO phones like the new Find X5 Pro. Learn more about this phone on our XDA forum below.

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