Lenovo launches new slim laptops with beautiful new designs

Earlier this year at CES, Lenovo launched its 2022 Yoga convertible. Now, it’s time for the premium clamshell lineup, which is being called the Slim in the United States, while still being called the Yoga Slim elsewhere. Basically, Lenovo is removing the IdeaPad branding from Premium. Notably, there are four laptops and an all-in-one including the Lenovo Slim 9i, Slim 7i/7 Pro X, Slim 7i Carbon, Slim 7/7i, and Yoga AIO 7.

“Hybrid Life is the new benchmark that has driven the growth of this new generation of Lenovo slim devices. We aim to empower more people to be ‘just you’ – to consume, create and collaborate on their own terms, Ouyang Jun, Vice President and General Manager, Consumer Business Segment, Intelligent Devices Group, said. “We designed and engineered the new PC with smart features and an even more premium user experience to help people meet their ambitions, relax and do things their own way.”

lenovo slim 9i

Firstly, the entire lineup is being revamped. They are using Lenovo’s new Comfort Edge design with rounded edges. On the Slim 9i, the edges have the same mirrored surface that we’ve already seen on the Lenovo Yoga 9i. In fact, while premium clamshell and convertible laptops have had different designs in the past, they are pretty much the same now.

The lid is made of glass, which gives it a sleek look, and as you can see from the image above, you’ll find regular Lenovo branding in the US, or Yoga branding outside the US. , which is a kind of yellow gold.

lenovo slim 9i

As for the display, OLED is standard, and you’ll have a choice of 2,880×1,800 at 90Hz or 3,840×2,400 at 60Hz. It has all the other features you’d expect, such as Intel’s 28W P-series processor, a 1080p webcam, a minimum of 16GB of RAM and a 512GB SSD, and three full Thunderbolt 4 ports. It even has a big old 75WHr battery, while still weighing 3.02 pounds. Audio is getting louder too, something we’ve seen on the convertible version with the rotating soundbar. Now, the Clamshell Slim 9i will have two 2W speakers and two 3W speakers for powerful audio tuned by Bowers & Wilkins.

It also includes Lenovo AI Core 2.0, which will perform functions like adjusting the fan speed for better performance. Lenovo Slim 9i will be available in June starting at $1,799.

Lenovo Slim 7i Pro X

Next up is the Lenovo Slim 7i Pro X, which the company says uses Lenovo X Power, a set of features including improved thermals, and optimizes the CPU and GPU for different use cases.

Angled view of Lenovo Slim 7i ProAngled view of Lenovo Slim 7i Pro

Lenovo Slim 7i Pro

It also has powerful internals, as you’d expect from something called the Pro X. You can get it in the Lenovo Slim 7i Pro X with Intel’s 12th-gen processors or in the 7 Pro X with AMD’s Ryzen 6000 HS Creator Edition chips. For graphics, it comes with up to NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050.

Notably, it comes with a 14-inch 3,072×1,920 display with 120Hz refresh rate. Other notable specs include two 2W Harman speakers with Dolby Atmos, LPDDR5 memory at 6,000MHz in the Intel model and 6,400MHz in the AMD model, and a 1080p webcam.

Coming in June, the Slim 7i Pro X will start at $1,699, while the Slim 7 Pro X will start at $1,499.

Lenovo Slim 7i Carbon, Slim 7, and Slim 7i

Another good one is the slim 7i Carbon, which weighs just 2.13 pounds while still packing Intel’s 28W P-series processor. At its thinnest point, it comes in a 14.8mm belly. It comes in colors like Moon White, Cloud Grey, and Storm Grey. For the display, you will get a 13.3-inch screen with 2,560×1,600 resolution and 90Hz refresh rate.

Lenovo Slim 7i Carbon on a BenchLenovo Slim 7i Carbon on a Bench

lenovo slim 7i carbon

And then we have the rest of the Lenovo Slim 7 and 7i Series. They come in 14- and 16-inch sizes, packing Intel P-Series, H-Series and AMD HS Creator Edition chips. Graphics go up to GeForce RTX 2050 in the 14-inch model, and for the 16-inch version, you can get Intel Arc A370M graphics in the Intel version, and up to RTX 3050 Ti in the Slim 7.

The display options look lovely. On the 14-inch model, this goes up to 2,880×1,800 OLED with 90Hz refresh rate or 2,880×1,800 IPS with 120Hz refresh rate. Or, on the 16-inch model, it comes with a 2,560×1,600 resolution, along with a 120Hz or 165Hz refresh rate, if you get the Intel or AMD models, respectively.

Lenovo Slim 7i Carbon launches in June starting at $1,299. The 16-inch Slim 7 is also coming in June, starting at $1,499, though unfortunately the 14-inch Slim 7 won’t be coming to the US. A 16-inch Intel variant will arrive in June, with prices starting at $1,599.

lenovo yoga aio 7

Finally, we have the Lenovo Yoga AIO 7 which, as the name suggests, is an all-in-one PC.

All-in-One PC with Rotate DisplayAll-in-one PC with Rotate Display

lenovo yoga aio 7

It comes with a 27-inch 4K display, and as you can see from the image, you can rotate that display by 90 degrees. Plus, the webcam you see on the side there can be dragged and removed.

It comes with AMD Ryzen 6000 processor, Radeon RX 6600M graphics and dual 5W JBL speakers. Unfortunately, the Lenovo Yoga AIO 7 isn’t coming to the United States.

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