Ken Pilonell Adds Apple Lightning Port to an Android Phone

Swiss robotics and data science student Ken Pilonel last year made an iPhone X to use a USB Type-C connector that changed the common Apple Lightning connector found on all modern iPhone models. It used to be an impressive technological achievement, but now Pilonal is attempting the opposite: adding a Lightning connector to Android phones.

Ken Pilonell shared an early demonstration of the mod on his YouTube channel, Exploring the Simulation. The initial video is only 47 seconds long (embedded below), but Pilonel is promising a full breakdown of the process in future videos. The mod was completed on the Samsung Galaxy A51, which originally had a USB Type-C connector, and the replacement Lightning port is in the works in the short video. The description also clearly states that it is No An April Fools’ Day prank, despite the publication date of April 1.


“That’s it. I’ve finally built the world’s first Android phone with an Apple Lightning port. It supports charging and data transfer. This is the Samsung Galaxy A51. This is the Samsung Galaxy A51,” said Pilonel in the description of the video. After building the C iPhone, I decided I needed to balance the chaos created by inventing the exact opposite. It was a complicated modification that required some different thinking. And sprinkle some DIY on top of that. Full length explanation Video coming soon. So excited to show you how I did it.”

Ken first published an extended video about the USB Type-C iPhone mod, then later attempted to sell the iPhone to raise money for more engineering devices. However, Pilonell wrote that the initial eBay auction was “heavily targeted by bid trolls,” and eBay later pulled the auction after asking Ken to “secure the transaction.” Pilonell hopes to resell the phone using cryptocurrency – I’m not quite sure that crypto is less vulnerable to scams and bot accounts than eBay, but hey, that’s not my phone.

Via: PhoneArena

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