iPhone: An iPhone could be hacked through a Visa card, researchers say


the iPhone is usually considered to be tougher for hacker compared to Android due to the security and privacy features that iOS comes with. However, it seems that hackers could have found a way to bypass the security measures by taking advantage of a vulnerability Visa Maps, according to a report by The Telegraph based on findings from security researchers at the Universities of Surrey and Birmingham who tested the method.
The report published its findings on the hacker vulnerability if a Visa card is used as the standard card for. set Express transit in Apple Pay on the iPhone (the function is called Express travel In the United Kingdom). It adds that only Visa cards could be exploited in this way and specifically points out that Apple Pay Express Transit paired with Mastercard or American Express cards is not at risk.
If the hacker somehow stole someone’s iPhone and even if it is locked, they can allegedly trick the contactless system by mimicking a dummy payment terminal to mimic how a public transport terminal works, which would allow them to do anything Transact and siphon off your hard-earned cash as Apple Pay Express Transit enables contactless transactions on the London Underground and other modes that don’t require FaceID or TouchID authentication. The report claims that with a locked iPhone, the researchers were able to conduct a £ 1000 transaction with no authentication required.
“Unlike contactless cards, which limit payments to £ 45, there is no limit to Apple Pay transactions, which means that hackers could theoretically empty someone’s bank account or credit card limit by just stealing an iPhone or stealthily a terminal up to hold up a device in a pocket or pocket, “the report said.


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