Instagram Stories: Instagram Makes It Easier To See Stories In Foreign Languages: All You Need To Know

Instagram today introduced a new feature for its users that makes it easier to view content in foreign languages.
The platform has the functionality of automatic text translation in. added Stories – the short-lived posts that only last 24 hours in a particular profile.
Do you need to enable automatic text translation in? Instagram stories?
No, the feature doesn’t require you to go through the app to turn on some toggles or check some boxes. The function works and takes effect as soon as it recognizes a foreign language in a post.
How can I see translated text?
As soon as the Instagram app detects a foreign language in a story post, it will display the “View Translation” option along with a white message icon in the top left of the screen. When you tap on it, a section opens at the bottom of the screen with the original text as well as the translated text.
How many languages ​​does automatic text translation support in Instagram Stories?
The feature now has support for over 90 languages, including Hindi, Arabic, Japanese, Portuguese, and more.
Automatic text translation in Instagram Stories availability
The function went live for all users worldwide.
Is there also support for audio translations?
No. According to a report by The Verge, Instagram says the audio translation is “currently” unavailable.
Support for Instagram automatic text translation
The app already supports text translation of comments, captions posted alongside their images, and user bios. They too are automatically translated based on the language they are written in and the language preferences of the person viewing them.


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