Instagram is testing a TikTok-style full-screen feed to further expand the reach of video

Instagram was a platform to mimic TikTok when it was banned in India, and thus came the reel. Since then, video content has become a priority for the platform. And now, to further expand its reach, Instagram has announced a change that shows a full-screen home feed for users. here are the details.

Instagram takes another page from Tiktok’s book!

As announced via a tweet from Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri, Instagram feed will now be Appear in a vertical full-screen format For the purpose of bringing the video “More front and center.“This test will show both photos and videos in longer format for a more immersive experience.

The shared image of the new experimental feed shows the Home, Explore, Reel, Shopping, and Profile sections below, just as they are now. Options for changing Instagram accounts, adding a new post or story, and a section showing likes, comments, and more notifications will be placed at the top.

While the image (see featured image) misses out on the Stories section, an Instagram executive has confirmed (via) techcrunch) that the stories will stay on top and go nowhere. So, if you’re worried about it, don’t be!

Mosseri reveals that the new feed will also Show more recommendations and provide more control to personalize the experience, So, if you are not a fan of such recommendations, the app may soon come with more features to keep things under your control.

This is yet another attempt by Instagram to increase the reach of short videos on its platform. To recall, last year, the company was clear that video is one of its priorities and so are content creators. Instagram recently changed its algorithm to give preference to original content instead of rehashed ones. This is a way to attract more TikTok users to Instagram with a similar UI, which in turn will lead to better reach of the reels.

It is still a test. Therefore, the new feed will be visible to some people before reaching a wider audience. If you finally see the new feed, don’t forget to let us know your thoughts on it in the comments below.

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