Instagram introduces two new live video features


Instagram revealed two new features for the platform. The tools are largely aimed at the makers who use the live function. As of now, creators can schedule their live sessions up to 90 days in advance and share the news through posts and stories to create excitement. Viewers can also set a reminder for the broadcast. This feature will allow Instagram to be on par with other live broadcast platforms like YouTube and TikTok.
The company also announced that it plans to introduce a feature called “Practice Mode”. The new feature allows YouTubers to connect with the guest and talk to them before they go live. This tool allows creators to check video quality and audio levels before they start broadcasting.
“Going live strikes differently when your followers get through. With Live Scheduling you can schedule your stream up to 90 days in advance and followers can set reminders to switch on, ”wrote Instagram’s official Twitter handle.
The new features of Facebook’s own platform follow the release of live teams for audio only in April this year.
The company also recently merged the IGTV video concept and feed video into a single entity called Instagram Video. Videos posted to the feed can now be 60 minutes long. Before the change, the length was reserved for IGTV videos only and in order to view these videos, users had to exit the main application.
Users can now easily upload videos up to 60 minutes in length by tapping the “+” in the top right corner of the home page. The video preview on the main page is now 60 seconds long and the preview is limited to 15 seconds if it is suitable as an advertisement. The company has also renamed the IGTV app to the Instagram TV app and continues to operate as it did before.


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