Instagram allows users to control how many violent, sexually explicit posts they see

Facebook’s own social media platform Instagram introduced a new feature that gives its users more control over the types of posts they make in the. see Explore tab the app.
The function – called Control of sensitive content – Allows users to set the level of “sensitive content” on accounts that they do not follow.
What is the Explore Tab?
This is the section of the Instagram app where users can see posts from any accounts they don’t follow. Private profiles will not appear on the Explore tab and only accounts that are public will appear in this section.
What is sensitive content?
According to the blog post by Facebook and Instagram are sensitive content posts that aren’t necessarily against the company’s rules, but could potentially be disturbing to some people. The sensitive content control support page offers three sensitive content parameters:

  • Content that can depict violence, e.g.
  • Content that may be sexually explicit or suggestive, e.g. B. Pictures of people in transparent clothing.
  • Content promoting the use of certain regulated products such as tobacco or vapor products, adult products and services, or pharmaceuticals.

What will Sensitive Content Control do?
According to the company, this new feature gives the company control over sensitive content. If you’re okay with the type of posts that appear on your Explore feed, you can leave everything as it is.
Alternatively, they can customize the sensitive content control to display more or less of some types of sensitive content.
How do I activate the control of sensitive content?
The new functionality gives Instagram users three options – “Allow”, “Restrict” and “Restrict even more”. By default it is set to “Limit”.
Users can enable the setting by going to their profile, then tapping Settings> Account> Sensitive Content Control.


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