Instagram adds new format, combines IGTV and feed videos


Instagram connects IGTV Video concept and feeds videos in a single unit called Instagram video. Videos posted to the feeds can now be 60 minutes long. Previously, this length was only reserved for IGTV videos and in order to view these videos, users had to exit the main app. IGTV was introduced in 2018 and allows users to create and add longer videos. With the new format, the company wants to make it easier to find videos of all lengths on a single platform. To do this, the platform adds a new video tab to the user profile.
Users can now easily upload videos up to 60 minutes in length by tapping the “+” in the top right corner of the home page. The video preview in the main feed is 60 seconds long and limited to 15 seconds if the video is suitable for viewing. The company is also renaming the IGTV app as the Instagram TV app and will continue to function as usual.
“Creators can still post their videos via stories and share them via direct message. Using all of our interfaces gives YouTubers multiple ways to tell their stories and connect with their communities. Video previews in the feed are now 60 seconds unless the video is suitable for ads. In this case, the preview is still 15 seconds. ”The company announced this in a blog post.
“In order to better understand the performance of videos, we combine feed post and video insights into a combined metric for companies and YouTubers.” The blog read on.
Since the introduction of TikTok, the company has mainly focused and introduced the short video format roll to the platform. Instagram roles has been hugely popular around the world since its inception, and saw a significant increase in India after its Chinese rival was banned. The short video concept is slowly taking off Facebook as.


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