In another reality, the iPad nano shipped without buttons

In the lead-up to his book “Build,” Tony Fadell took to Twitter and released some mockups of the Apple iPod nano. Most of the times when you get to see pictures like this, they are interesting for many reasons. Mainly because you get a rare glimpse into a world you’d never see otherwise.

Fadell was brought on the board of Apple as a contractor. In this role he found support for his idea of ​​a hard disk-based MP3 player with an accompanying music store. If the device sounds familiar, you probably know where it’s headed. This idea caught the attention of Steve Jobs and thus the iPod was born. If creating an iconic product wasn’t enough, Fadell later became a co-creator of the iPhone.

Perhaps the most interesting mockup in the bunch is the iPod nano without any buttons. At this point, Apple could have gone in a different direction than its traditional iPod design. Naturally, Fadell could work on both iPod and iPhone simultaneously. But it’s still interesting to think that the iPod nano could have been buttonless in another reality. This would have been a huge leap forward at the time, as the click wheel was so iconic.

He remains a co-founder of Nest Labs, despite Fadell’s time after Apple ended in 2008. This company will later be bought by Google. Even now, his legacy and design still continues at Apple. As we can see their design in the recent release of iPhone SE 3. If you want to know more about Tony Fadell, his book “Build” will be released tomorrow.

Source: Tony Fadell (Twitter)

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