GTA Online: How to Rob an Ammu Nation Store


GTA Online Players can now take advantage of the Ammu Nation Stores in GTA 5 and GTA Online. If you went inside and tried to equip your weapons it wouldn’t work. But the stores could be robbed if you follow some of the steps outlined here.
Trying to equip your weapons in the Ammu Nation store would not work, but it can be done from outside the store. So, choose the right weapon and shoot the door to open it and kill the seller from the store door without entering the store. You could ram the door with a car to make it open easily and use the gap to shoot the clerk. Now enter and go behind the counter where the cash register is kept. We want you to shoot what has happened so far with careful precision. With a few shots, the box office opened for GTA Online players with some noise and sparks.
Next, all you have to do is pick up the glowing sack of money that would be lying on the floor next to the dead employee. Wait, there’s one more until you can rob. It would be there in front of the armored vests. Use the same modus operandi we recommended (which is a pretty fancy term to just shoot the cash register). Collect the money. Now you have double the booty. You withdraw with the money now, will you?


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