Google’s “Pixel Fold” Reportedly Q4 2022 . coming in

We’ve been hearing about a possible “pixel fold” for quite some time. Android 12L introduced some changes specifically for tablets and foldable smartphones, and it looked like with Google Tensor, Google is finally starting to take its hardware seriously. However, when Ross Young of Performance Supply Chain Consultants (DSCC) said in November last year that the project was finished, it was all over. It looks like the device may be back on track, as it has now tweeted more details about what to expect from its performance – and even when it might launch.

The biggest conclusion from Young’s tweet is that Google’s “Pixel Fold” foldable handset should arrive in the fourth quarter of 2022. Its launch could possibly happen soon after the release of Android 13, with a platform update shown to provide better support for the foldable device. Its rumored price point is even better, which is said to be much lower than its competitors at $1,400. This would make it $400 less than the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3, $400 more than the Galaxy Z Flip 3, but $800 more than the cheapest Google Pixel 6.

Young not only gave information about Google’s upcoming foldable smartphone, but also Samsung. He says that both the devices will have similar sized internal displays and the main differentiating factor will be their external displays. Google’s foldable handset will apparently feature a smaller 5.8-inch external display, while Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 4 will be 6.19-inch.

Despite Google’s handset having a smaller display, it will likely have a wider aspect ratio, possibly similar to the Oppo Find N. The external display found on Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 3 is a common sticking point, as its thinness makes it difficult to use frequently.

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